Goodbye, Old Blog

I’ve had a good run with my WordPress blog (2007 – 2014) and now that’s it’s gone unloved for nearly eight years, it’s time to pull the plug.

Instagram is where I document my creative day-to-day, and now that my website has been relaunched on Shopify, my new website and blog is growing there. I thought about migrating some of this content but decided to just start fresh! See you there; the handle is still

So Long, WordPress, and Thanks for All the Fish

Christmas Stockings

The New Standards Christmas Stockings

The New Standards Holiday Show is on stage for its 10th incredible year, and there are stockings to commemorate the occasion!


This holiday show is a tradition in and around the Twin Cities of Minneapolis-St. Paul, and I was thrilled to contribute to the merriment by designing and producing these special stockings. There are two styles available: Blue plaid with felt Yetis that pay homage to the Holiday Show posters by Lucy Michelle; or a red plaid with felt Chan, Steve, and John.


So many Chans, Steves, and Johns! The heads are hand-cut from felt, assembled, then hand-painted.


Yay for yetis! The heads are hand-cut from cotton batting and felt, assembled, then hand-painted.


Cotton plaid trimmed with coordinating faux fur, a healthy dose of glitter, and a dash of beading, these heirloom-quality decorations are made in Minneapolis by me.

Stockings are available at the show, and from my online shop.


Are You There, Blog? It’s Me, Heather.

Oh heeeey, blog. I haven’t forgotten you, it’s just that my husband and I thought it would be a hoot to move to Minneapolis from New Jersey, and we pulled that off successfully at the end of the summer.

So there was the packing, old-house details, then new-house details, and oh yes, the UNpacking. But the upshot is that there is a new craft room with lots of natural light, in a city that’s got crafters up to the rafters (and artists, too.)

I’m enjoying exploring the creative “occasional stores,” including The Cottage House and Your Lucky Day  for seasonal loveliness, interesting furniture, and other one-of-a-kind vintage treasures. And wow, Hunt & Gather Antiques is so special, I take out-of-town visitors there to peruse the old-timey kitchenwares nook, and cut-up license plates that you can reassemble to spell whatever you like. And taxidermy. And Red Owl food wrap, still on the roll. So yeah, all of life’s essentials, but boy is it fun in there.

More developments later! I pinky-swear.


Tiny Easter Baskets, Bunny and Chick Editions

My daughter and I made a lot of bunnies out of clothespins and paint. (Can you spot which ones were done by a five-year-old?)

Clothespin Easter Bunnies


I nested some of them into tiny Easter Baskets, surrounded by shred made from vintage foil gift wrap.

Bunnies in Easter baskets


They have “eggs” made from painted and glittered acorns.

Easter baskets with clothespin bunnies and glittered acorn "eggs."


And here are the chick-in-basket versions. The basket looks like a hatched egg. These are available in my shop.

Chicks in Easter egg baskets

Happy Easter!


Happy Birthday {verdigreen}

Cake topper workshop at {verdigreen}

The cake topper workshop happened! The {verdigreen} shop, where this took place, was so welcoming and cozy, especially with the workspace covered with supplies, refreshments, and incredible macaroons. Shop owner Azie was busy painting chairs nearby as we puttered away, adding to the workshop vibe.

I showed some tricks and tips for making a charming cake sign that can be used again and again. Mine said “Happy Birthday…”

Lookie what we made!


One participant made a “cake” banner. (Could it be to dissuade others from eating it?)

"Cake" topper (no, really!)


And here’s a variation on the Happy Birthday theme:

Cake topper workshop creation


So cozy and fun! I’m looking forward to more after-hours fun at {verdigreen} soon. Cake topper workshop at Verdigreen


Regional Candy Swap

Heidi Kenney at My Paper Crane is a font of awesome ideas, and her latest was to facilitate a regional candy swap. Participants were paired up and asked to select and ship at least $15 worth of local treats. An incredible assortment of Japanese sweetness (and Ghirardelli chocolate, which I forgot to photograph) found its way from San Francisco to Jersey, thanks to Jessica Coates.


I decided to go hyper-local and Jersey by selecting made-in-house chocolates from Holsten’s, the ice cream parlor where the last scene of The Sopranos was shot. (Jessica gets to photograph and blog about what I sent her.)

We also decided to include a small hand-crafted item; I received the sweet plush house ornament, bottom-right in the photo. I sent a velvet acorn ornament.

Thanks Heidi, that was fun!