parcel_cupcakes.jpgA few years ago, I came across Parcel in Montclair, New Jersey. After exploring every nook and cranny of the place, including vintage game pieces, ribbons, and the little drawers filled with doll heads and chenille bees, just to name four of the eleventeen zillion bits of greatness, I had to introduce myself to the owner, Nancy Laboz, and express my huge crush I already had on the place. (I didn’t put it quite like that–I didn’t want to freak her out or anything.)

I told Nancy about my crafty ways, and soon after, she started carrying a sampling of my wedding favors. It’s now three years later and we’re coming up with all sorts of felty, sparkly things for the shop. In the pic above you can see cupcakes by yours truly.

If Montclair is close enough for you to visit, check out Parcel yourself. The shop has groupies, including fancy art directors from the city and a lady who drives from Virginia once a year to visit family upstate New York, but makes a pit stop at Parcel just to check out the well-edited selection. A small selection of the wares are also available at