Saturday morning I was focused on cranking out a batch of cupcake place card holder-favors for my sister’s bridal shower in my functional but messy craftosphere. It’s really cute in there, but geez it needs to be organized. I really should tidy it up, since I’ve committed to having a craft room, but actually making crafts has to take priority for now.
messy craft room

I was making good progress with the bridey cupcakes, but then the fact that I don’t have any cupcakes for sale on etsy was bothering me, so I changed cupcake direction and made three “Circus Cupcakes.”

stripey circus cupcakes
These cheerful confections are 2″ wide and 1 3/4″ tall, not including the flag. (The flag adds another 2″ to the height.) The cupcakes are made from delightfully stripey cotton fabric, white rick rack and white glass seed bead sprinkles, and topped with a chenille cherry. The cardstock flag is included, and it can be removed so you can personalize it. You could add a friend’s name for a placecard, or something sassy for a small gift, like “Happy Birthday, Cupcake!”

In other news, I’m getting excited about the Renegade Craft Fair that hits Brooklyn on June 16 and 17. (I’m going as a patron, not a seller.) You going?