I’ve gotten in the habit of listening to the CraftSanity podcast during my commute. I wish I had discovered it last year when it started! I find the podcasts, filled with behind-the-scenes interviews with craft luminaries, inspiring and educational. It’s fun to learn things like how Betz White came up with her now-famous recycled sweater cupcakes. The problem with listening to the podcasts on my way to work is that they get me all pumped to get crafty, but then I have to work!

Yesterday I was daydreaming about Betz’s cupcakes and Ann Wood’s birds and what perfect crafts they are. Betz’s cupcakes and Ann’s birds have significant followings because they are charming, unique, and people appreciate the craftmanship. Plus, many people have a connection to cupcakes and birds, and both memes are at a fever pitch these days. It must be satisfying to have come up with these crafts, and it’s an added bonus that they both use recycled materials, which adds an element of vintage charm on top of the regular charm. That got me to thinking…what will “my cupcake” be? Will I create something that will cause a stir and be the foundation to a full-time craft business? Are my chickens my “cupcake?” Is is the thing I hope to prototype this weekend my “cupcake?” Dear reader, what is my “cupcake?” Do I have one yet?