I was in the shoe department at Saks Fifth Avenue not long ago, and the shoes that captured my attention were generally flats with interesting embellishment. Flats because when I buy anything more ambitious, they usually either hurt my feet or just stay unworn; embellishment because it’s fun! The price tags, however, were not very fun. This experience inspired me to buy plain flats and trick them out with some stylin’ notions. Continuing my yearlong rick-rack bender, I walked out of Montclair’s I’ve Got a Notion* with a couple of yards of silver metallic rick-rack.

The shoes I chose for this exercise were relatively inexpensive numbers from Urban Outfitters. Since they were a little thick to sew the rick-rack in place, I thought I’d rev up the glue gun and go that route. The embellishing went very quickly, and it only took minutes before my fun shoe vision was realized. Ta-daaaa!

*Is this a store name you’d see in the background on The Simpsons or what?