Renegade Ephemera

This summer’s Brooklyn Renegade Craft Fair was long on the Crafty but short on the Cold. It was very, very uncold, in fact. After four hours of intensive scouting and unearthing, I was flagging. It was close to 90° and I was so physically exhausted from the sun and heat that I was losing interest in the event due to heat-induced dementia. I did what I could, dear reader! Above is the collection of cards and the v. fun etsy bandana and poster they were giving away.

Observations and picks: Woodgrain was a running theme. Julie Dunbar had woodgrain bags; My Imaginary Boyfriend had a hand painted woodgrain clutch. I was wearing a woodgrain skirt that literally got 25 compliments. (Note to self: find fabric and make woodgrain skirts.)

Hoibo had some great cartoonish chainsaw stud earrings. Somehow, chainsaw earrings were not a running theme.

Jezebel had fantastic papercut silhouette notecards and t-shirts. I was going to buy a shirt with a design called “henry and gertrude, criminal lovers “ that had a Victorian-inspired Hansel and Gretel vibe, but the sizing on the shirts was screwy, so the women’s L was too small and the guys S was too large. Grr.

Laser-cut acrylic necklaces popped up at a few booths, but I think Brookadelphia’s were the most rad because they had glass “nameplates” including “radish” and “cheese”. I think I’m going to order one with “hd”, but I have to decide on the font first. Do I want sweet and cute or the Swiss-hardcore font?

Apparently Marie Kare, creator of The Sampler was there, but she had slipped away from the booth she was sharing when I reached it. I just heard about her great promotional tool for crafters on a CraftSanity podcast I listened to a couple of weeks ago.

Lotta Jansdotter was there in person with her beautiful textiles and new book, Simple Sewing: Patterns and How-To for 24 Fresh and Easy Projects. I bought a copy and had her sign it. It cost a lot more than if I bought it on Amazon, but this way, the artist probably gets a bigger cut. Plus, who doesn’t love being able to flip through a book to see if it suits them, then buying it on the spot?

Adorn swag from Renegade Craft Fair raffle

The folks from Adorn got sponsors to pony up some righteous swag, above, which was raffled away in cute pink bags. We were given tickets and asked to return to the Adorn booth at 2PM on Saturday. A lot of people took tickets and were therefore entered in the raffle, but they failed to show up. So, for every three tickets they read, it felt like only one prize was given out. Lucky for me, I got to enjoy the spoils!