lemonfavors2.jpgSorry for the craft update delay, but I was out of town at Amy and David’s wedding. The cake topper made it to its intended point in the universe, and I was so humbled that I got “topper credit” on the printed menus! It was so unexpected but cool…and my last name was even spelled correctly. I am going to burst at the seams keeping the photos and description of the other part of my wedding gift a secret, but I guess it’s only proper to wait until the bride and groom have opened it before I blog about it. My grandmothers certainly didn’t have this etiquette dilemma.

I was reading the current issue of Martha Stewart Weddings today, and the piece on lemon-inspired confections reminded me of a big wedding favor commission I did a while back. These were tins of lemondrops in two shades of paper, vintage leaves, and hand-sugared lemons. lemonfavors1.jpg