After many hours of prep over the past months, my sister Tiffany’s bridal shower has come to pass. Here I am at the party table at family friend Mary’s beautiful Minneapolis home: the personalized cupcake favors are at each place setting, vintage mercury glass beads are draped on the chandelier and mirror, and flower arrangements are a combination of store-sourced and flowers cut from the garden.

bridal shower decor

Table detail:
cupcake favor at placesetting

Co-host Mary and I decided on a retro theme for the party, which manifested itself in this incredible sandwhich loaf. She found the recipe in a cookbook of yesteryear, and custom-ordered a pullman loaf. (If you want to confuse a baker, ask for a loaf of bread sliced horizontally.) Mary made the salad fillings; I “frosted” it with cream cheese and fresh herbs from the garden. The oregano was in full bloom, so I plucked lots of it for the finishing touches on the sandwich loaf. It’s about 2′ long and 6″ tall.

retro sandwhich loaf

The fillings were salmon salad, olive tapenade and shrimp salads. It was so good, most people asked for seconds!

sandwich detail