Dear Friends, Family, Random Visitors Sent by Google and Lurkers,

Tell me what to do. I’m brainstorming and prototyping Christmas crafts at the moment and was wondering what would make your toes twinkle. Based on review of my blog stats, clearly many of you looove chickens and acorns. I’m kinda acorned out at the moment, but am ready to take chickens in a new direction. Are you?

Your thoughts, please, on what kind of craft chicken would make the world a better place.

  • A skiing chicken?
  • A holiday chicken (sitting on a wreath, or wearing a fetching scarf or other festive neck accessory, perhaps?)

Or maybe you have a poultry-free idea, which is also cool.

If you provide the spark of an idea you’d like realized, and I “accept the challenge,” I’ll make it, my gift to you. I will retain all rights, but you get to dream something up, read about it in my blog, then make a loving home for your new crafty item.

Please submit your ideas via the “comments” link above.