The craft room on the Martha t.v. set

Today I attended the first in a series of Martha Stewart Living Master Class Series classes at the Martha Show studios in New York City. When I saw the ad in a recent issue of Living, I signed up before you could say Nature-Inspired Crafts for the Holidays.

The class was demo-only, and just like the craft segments on the show. Martha is in Japan today, but everything at MSLO is “so Martha” that her brand is felt throughout anyway. You still come away having learned something, and inspired.

Hannah Milman and Marcie McGoldrick demonstrated various advanced-crafting techniques, including creating custom candle molds from birch logs, how to gild using gold-leaf (and faux gold leaf, which is considerably less expensive than the real deal) and wreath and garland-making techniques. Yes, guilded poultry can be stunning.

The class lasted 45 minutes, and there was a crew there to shoot it, so let’s hope we see parts of this on future episodes of Martha. Hanna and Marcie answered questions from the audience between segments, and gave lots of helpful tips and tricks along the way, such as adding a little acrylic paint to color your glue before glittering something to enhance the overall effect.

Fingers crossed that more of these classes are in the works.

Christmas crafts, please!