Mice Stocking detail

I’ve just started work on a custom stocking for a child who is still in utero. I haven’t met the mother, but we have a mutual understanding of the role a really good Christmas stocking can play in a child’s life. I was so enchanted with my own stocking*, an Edna Looney design made for me by my mother, that I am now designing stockings of my own.

So, how do you design a child’s Christmas stocking? What a privilege, and what responsibility! I summoned a heap of warm childhood Christmas memories and started putting them together until I came up with: mom and child mice baking cookies together.

Mice Christmas Stocking sketch

First I made a sketch of the important parts: Mom, child, table with cookie dough rolled out, and in the background, a peek at a Christmas tree.

The photo at top shows the early progress, and the details that are starting to emerge: Mom has a vintage mercury glass bead necklace; the gingerbread dough is rolled out on a floured, fanciful table.

* My childhood stocking:
My childhood Christmas stocking