Ms. Roostershorts

You must be thinking, “So who is Ms. Roostershorts, and what are her wishes?” Excellent and relevant questions both. Ms. Roostershorts (not her real name) is the alias of a friend who occasionally wears, well, you know. I was pretty impressed when she wore this get-up to work one day, so I snapped a photo, shown at left.

As for her wishes, when I made a call for requests and suggestions, she rolled up her sleeves and created this tome during her train commute:


Sequin and Bead-Encrusted Christmas Tree Pin

I want to create many of the ideas suggested by blog-visiting friends, and the first one is Ms. Roostershorts’ sequin-encrusted Christmas tree pin, shown above. It’s bigger than you might expect, at 5 1/4″ x 2 1/4″, and it’s that size because Ms. Roostershorts can, and does, pull off wearing outsized accessories with aplomb.

Why yes, the tree is a right triangle. There’s nothing like a sequined hypotenuse to get a girl in the Christmas spirit.