Making cookies with mom

I finished the mouse stocking today! I’ve been working on it for weeks. Most of it wasn’t really something I could work on during my train commute—it had to wait for evenings and weekends.

Hung with care

Highlights, from top to bottom:

-Vintage-style woven Christmas ribbon (I’ve had this for years, and am so pleased to have finally found a suitable project for it.)

-Garland ribbon I got at Kate’s Paperie at the old location on Broadway (sniff). I’m sure I paid an arm and a leg for it, but it’s so perfect!

-Mistletoe made from wrapping stamens with florist tape. The leaves are teardrop-shaped sequins from Tinsel Trading.

-Felt tree encrusted with vintage and new sequins, seed beads and bugle beads. I chose a muted palette to give the feel that it’s in the background, giving the design some depth.

-Mommy mouse is made of felt, chenille stems, vintage pink mercury beads and some pink satin-y material.

-Child mouse is wearing a candy-cane rick-rack outfit. Something like pajamas, and not too girly, since I don’t know the gender of this stocking’s recipient.

-Felt gingerbread dough, which is being cut out on a floured table with metal cookie cutters, made from 20-gauge wire. There are little bowls of candy (small beads) for decorating the cookies.

-At the toe is a white jingle bell tied with a red satin ribbon.

-The stocking is lined with a sage-green fabric, both to keep the hand-stitching in perfect condition, and also to withstand many years of happy Christmas mornings.