Last weekend we got a dusting of snow, and it was time to put up my garland. Snow + Garland = nice photo op.

bird and pinecone detail

I made this garland three years ago.

Ingredients include:
-three evergreen-style faux garlands
-clear strings of lights (maybe six for the whole thing? Okay, probably eight….)
-pinecones (from the craft store–I can’t get these big, fat ones from my local trees)
-berry sprays
-two turtle doves (Cliché? Perhaps, but my neighbors appreciate I didn’t go with eleven pipers piping.)
-shiny balls that look like the real (glass) deal, but are plastic
-glue gun

How it came together:
I took measurements to make the the right size installation for my front door. First I made the top of the piece by folding the garland into thirds and incorporating a wooden dowel behind it for support. I formed two wire loops around each end of the dowel for hanging, then bent some key branches to each other to form one cohesive garland unit. I added lights. Then I manipulated the berry sprays to look natural and inviting. (They come flat, and beg to be bent a little to look “branchy.”) I wound them into the garland, then hot-glued the pinecones and doves in place. Then came hot-gluing the shiny balls into clusters, then gluing the clusters into the garland.

The garland is in three pieces, and the lights get daisy-chained once it’s installed. I have the lights on a timer, so when I come home from work, I’m greeted by this beautiful display. Kind of makes the fact that it gets dark at 4:30 PM okay.