Green (and red) gift wrap

Last summer I was casing out-of-the-way antique shops along Route 7 in Massachusetts when I came across these beautiful napkins. They were in rather pristine condition, considering their age. I decided they were up for a career change, ready to move from the dining room table to under the tree.

To make this giftwrap yourself, pin cleaned and ironed napkins right sides together. Make sure the corners match up, even if the final product isn’t perfectly flat, since you’ll be putting things in it anyway. Sew down one side, removing each pin as you come to it. When you reach the corner, with the needle in the down position, turn the piece and continue sewing along the bottom. At the second corner, turn the piece again and sew up to the top. Turn right-side out. Use a bone folder or another thin implement to help turn the corners out.

To wrap a gift, put it in one corner, then fold excess fabric behing the gift, then fold down the flap in front. Tie with twine (shown left) or a bow (shown right).

I use this to wrap gifts for people who will appreciate the craftsmanship, and will take the effort to reuse the wrap in years to come.

Everyone else just won’t get gifts.

Just kidding.