Would you like a tour of the decorated house? Glad you asked.

The view from the sofa

The view from the sofa:
In the foreground are green velvet ribbons for hanging incoming holiday cards and a couple of Martha by Mail beaded snowflake ornaments I made years ago. My tall husband is tired of them getting caught in his hair.

From left to right are the tree, my childhood stocking just behind it, and the decked-out mantle, including the stockings I made years ago for my husband and me.


The mantle:

In recent years I’ve been decorating the mantle like this. I start with one string of clear lights for a base, then cover the wires with three types of moss. In the background is my collection of Little Golden Books because I love many of these stories from my childhood, and the art on most of them is fantastic. Then I pile on the figures and toys.

At the center is a midcentury Santa tree topper. It looked great on the tree back in Brooklyn under the tall ceiling, but it’s too tall for the tree and livingroom set-up now, so now he holds court on the mantle.

Mantle detail

Mantle detail

Kitchen window decor

Here’s the view out the kitchen window, draped with bugle-bead wired garland, faux mini gumdrop garland, and mini wreaths tied with seam binding ribbon.

Kitchen window detail

I made these wreaths last year with leftover royal icing and redhots. I had finished making dozens and dozens of spritz cookie wreaths (that look almost exactly like these) and wondered if this icing would hold up as decor. This year when unpacking the decorations, I found these little guys as perfect as when I packed them away. The kitchen seems like the right place for them, so I tied them up with seam binding ribbon, and voila.

Entryway Mirror

Entry way decor:

Vintage gold garland, vintage bottle brush wreath with spun cotton head guys and red-and-white mushrooms; 10 santa light covers still on their original card, and a handmade foot-tall santa I bought as a child at a craft fair in Minnesota because I loved the craftsmanship and the story that came with it about how a little mouse likes to keep warm in Santa’s beard.

O, Tannenbaum

And here’s the tree at night.

I’m glad you stopped by.