I’m in a different time zone, climate, and possibly planet for a long weekend visiting inlaws. In this land, Michael’s craft stores have faux cactus and leatherworking kits. I didn’t bring any craft projects with me, both because I don’t fully trust that my gear would make it through airport security and also to make time to update my website, heatherdonohue.com. Well, the part of this faraway place, Arizona, where I find myself is where you open your laptop to find there are no wifi connections to be made. I’m back on the grid for a spell here thanks to a local coffee shop that closes at 5 PM. (In further New York snarkiness, the bag of bagels in the deli case here is clearly straight from the freezer.)

Last night I was bonding with my mother-in-law over crafts. She invited me to help myself to yarn and needles, so that is my craft fix for now. In this land where Wranglers are worn without irony, one knits and crochets with acrylics without apology. I was scared by the color of red and green yarns, but decided the black was okay. I’m knitting a black pumpkin (knit 3, purl 1 and repeat) that might be cute. The needles are each over a foot long, which is new to me. Feels like I’m knitting with antennae.

I’ll be back at my craftquarters soon, and will reveal my first crafts of 2008 shortly.