Woodland Wonderfulness Springtime Pedestal with Perching Chicken

I made a batch of wooden pedestals recently, because not unlike cats, crafts like to climb up on things so they can observe everything around them from a perch.

The pedestals shown here are trimmed with felt cut to look like lawn, and pink tweed flowers with felt leaves. And some also have a touch of wee rick-rack. The small ones have a round plate 4″ in diameter, and are almost 4″ tall. The larger ones have an oval 5×7″ plate, and are about 7″ tall.

Stacked Springtime Pedestals with Perching Chickens

They look nice stacked, and with any type of special object on them, such as a nice chicken.

I made these for Parcel, with extras to sell myself, but Nancy at Parcel wanted them all, so that’s where they are.