Before you get all excited and jump to the conclusion that I’m glittering a 1099 and felting a W-2, let me dash those hopes. (Sorry.) I was just doing my quarterly sales tax paperwork, and without getting all gross and fiscally-focused, I just want to say that my Little Business That Could is doing better and better each year, which makes me feel good. I know I’m one of the zillions of crafters out there who has a little business going, yet still works for The Man at a day job, and wonders some days what it would take to make that step to full-time self employment. I’m not at that point, and that’s cool, because I can design what I want, take commissions as they come in, and not panic about money because this isn’t my sole source of income.

This gave me something to think about as I was “roofing” my latest batch of Little Stamp Houses.

In other news, I was at a local Anthropologie store yesterday and remembered to look for Laura Normandin’s, er, Wren Handmade’s flowered hairclips. There weren’t many left, and gosh they are cute. Beautiful, well-made, and simple, in a good-design kind-of-way.