Claire and Lachlan Donohue

Dear Reader,

Sorry to have gone missing for a spell. I was working on a very special project that didn’t involve felt, acorns or seqins. The mixed media here involved ten fingers, ten toes, and a wee button nose. And that’s just for the first one! You see, I am a new mom to boy/girl twins named Claire and Lachlan.

Claire and Lachlan, a couple weeks old

What does this mean for my crafting? In the short term, very little crafting is getting done. Velvet acorns are in progress and available on etsy, and I am able to fill acorn necklace orders. Custom Christmas stockings won’t be available this year, and frankly I wish I were further along on the stockings for the kids. So far, the felt has been chosen. Lachlan’s will be off-white, like my childhood stocking, and Claire’s an antique pink. Now I just need to distill all the great things from childhood Christmases into the design of two stockings. More on this later.

The birth announcement was made by the talent at Parcel.