Pinwheel Necklace

I had been daydreaming about this necklace for a while, and since I could make it in in under two hours, with minimal unearthing of the craft supplies (which must be ferreted out under cover of darkness, lest my toddler twins get their enthusiastic hands on them), I got started and finished in relatively short order.

The cotton striped fabric is from my stash, as were the pieces of silver-flecked white tulle and jewelry findings. The back of the pinwheels have small vintage buttons from my gram’s stash to help secure them to the cording, and to give the necklace some weight. I picked up the silver cording at Toho Shoji last week.

After pinking the edges and sewing the pinwheels, I pulled at them with my fingers to deconstruct them a bit, causing strings to come waving out of the edges, and I love the look. My clothing and accessories tend to default to preppy, and I’m not quite sure how this happened. I was so obsessed with vintage clothes when I was younger, in part because Minneapolis was a great place to troll for them. So I think I had to channel some sort of Tim Burton dystopian circus to achieve the look I was after.