I’ve had some cherry tomato-inspired crafts bouncing around in my head, and these earrings are the first to come to fruition.

cherry tomato earrings

The beads were left over from the beaded mural at Rocco’s 22nd Street, the place from the NBC reality television show The Restaurant. I was one of the elves who created this 35-foot-wide “postcard” made from thousands of glass beads. Once the project was complete, they let us take home the extras.

These beads are the biggest we used, at 1/2″ diameter.

To make the tomato tops, I rolled cotton fabric and cut it into a chiffonade:

fabric chiffonade

…then trimmed the pieces further, ran them through some craft glue, then formed them into tomato tops.

cherry tomato tops

Once they were dry, I assembled the earrings.

I can’t say for sure, but I’m fairly certain they taste better than store-bought jewelry.