Plush Tomatoes on the Vine

When fruits like tomatoes and berries ripen at different stages, the array of colors can be breathtaking. Black raspberries and cherry tomatoes are my favorite examples. Since sewing up little tomatoes sounded like fun, I found cotton fabric in colors I liked for this project and gave it a go.

The whole thing, vine to green tomato, is about 11″ long; each tomato is about an inch in diameter.

fabric chiffonade

I started by rolling green cotton fabric and cutting it into strips, like a chiffonade (shown above). Then I trimmed the strips, dragged them through some craft glue, wiped off the excess, poked a pin through clusters of three, and shaped them into tomato tops (shown below).

cherry tomato tops

While they dried (you know, for, like, three weeks because this project took so long for me to wrap up), I cut four colors of fabric into rectangles, on the bias, then sewed them into tomatoes. They were stuffed with cotton.

Then I started on a vine, using floral wire of, say, 22 gauge from a bolt. I didn’t like how it looked, so I started over with similar wire in straight pieces. Much better. I fed each vine end through a tomato top, then tomato,  and curled the end with a jewelry-making pliers to keep it in place.

I wrapped the vines in floral tape, then bent the wires to give the piece its final shape. I hung it in my porch where it basks in natural light.

Now, what’s the best fiber for making mozzarella?