Now that I have a couple of real, live, Halloween-celebratin’ toddlers at home, I’m taking decorating for this holiday seriously. As in, they seriously love everything I’m putting up, and seriously want to “Hold it! Hold it!”

Halloween Kitchen decor

My strategy, therefore, is to do a lot of decorating with garlands–they do the job, and can be hung out of reach. My kitchen windows, above, are bedecked with a six-spider garland and three Halloween goodies from this year’s Martha Stewart collection at Michael’s.



Halloween Kitchen decor detail

The witch, pumpkin, and cat are actually clear plastic with an adhesive back, but I decided to string them together using orange waxed thread, through micro-punched holes. The designs come two to a pack, so the kids can play with the extras.

Spider Garland detail

These spiders, made of felt, pipe cleaners, and beads were purchased, and I sewed them to a double-faced black satin ribbon to create this garland.