Brobee and DJ Lance Rock costumes

Brobee from Yo Gabba Gabba hangs out with his mom (that would be me). I decided to embrace my Yo Gabba Gabba fandom via an orange get-up, complete with fuzzy hat, white belt with “ROCK” buckle, and a micro-sized boom box crafted from felt, electrical tape, glue and paint upon a wee purse.

Jack-o-lanterns 2010

I hauled out the Martha by Mail pumpkin carving kit for the first time in a decade and carved two pumpkins. There are some good tools in that kit, especially the hole punchers and Japanese serrated knife.

Gurley candle-inspired jack-o-lantern

This kitty-within-a-pumpkin was an homage to the vintage Gurley candle, below.

Gurley pumpkin candle with cat inside