The house was just painted in updated colors, and a new entryway garland seemed in order. I went for a faux, glittered pine and shiny ball combination. The pine needles are long and silvery; the shiny balls are modern shades of brown, in plastic that looks like glass. This garland replaces the one I made years back. The little guy in the doorway is my son, Lachie.

Components (all from from Jamali Garden) include:

  • Five garlands (pine and shiny balls)
  • Two sprays (more shiny balls)
  • Six glitter-encrusted clip-on birdies with extra long tailfeathers
  • White wire hangers, straightened out for support across the top
  • Silver wire to bind all components together (except for the lights)
  • Two strings of white lights on white wire

I kept the lights separate this time so when they die, it’s easier to swap them out. The previous garland has the lights woven into it, then the ornaments and pine cones are hot glued on top, which means you need to do major surgery to replace a string of lights.


outdoor_garland_2001_detailCheck out the birdies across the top, with their very luxurious tailfeathers. Tuh-weet.