During my recent family roadtrip to the family farm, I was working on a batch of plush mushrooms in new color combinations:

Plush mushrooms in progress

I will forever love the traditional red and white, but thought hot pink and orange would be lovely palette-fresheners. These guys are about three inches tall.

Imagine my reaction when, on a walk through the forest on the family property, I accidentally uncovered these!

Mushroom muses

They were a little over two inches tall, with one super-small one that was a quarter that size. There are also hundreds and hundreds of ferns on the property, which normally make me think of some bedsheets my parents had in the 70’s, but now I feel I have moved past that and can enjoy ferns for their beauty without that strange association.

Mushrooms, bottoms up

The worm’s eye view


Another look at the tops. The one second-to-left had very clear white dots on it. Swoon….

Finding these mushrooms on family property made me feel like the universe was smiling at me.