My big three-year-olds just started part-time preschool a few days ago. This seemed like an excellent excuse to customize some schoolbags for them.

First day of school!

I bought these military-style bags from, which is like a German Etsy.

Lachie got a blue one. I sewed on a Sheriff patch, stripey ribbons, and star buttons, then added his name in fabric paint. I was going to use ribbon for his name, but wanted to have a dude-appropriate level of craftiness, so opted for paint instead.

Customized schoolbag for Lachie

Claire got a red bag. I wrote her name in ric rac, dotted the “i” with a pink sequin and bead, sewed on heart ribbons, then added the heart-and-flower patches, and little white kitty patch.

Customized schoolbag for Claire

The best part was how Claire would stick straight pins with pretty “pearl” tops into her bag while I worked, declaring, “I want to do crabs [crafts] with you, mommy!”