Last Saturday, eight lucky ladies (including this one) got to spend the afternoon at Tinsel Trading in New York. As if that weren’t sparkley and inspiring enough, we spent that time in a craft workshop lead by Crystal Hanehan! This artisan/Craft Superstar showed us her tricks of the trade to create our own Halloween spun cotton figure-topped candy box, based on her gorgeous victorian-inspired spun cotton designs.

Happy crafters with their finished projects

Lookee what we made!


Crystal demonstrates candy box decoration

Crystal demonstrating the finer points of decorating a box with crepe paper and Dresdens.


Dresdens, ribbons, and trim

The ribbon, trims, and Dresdens we worked with…


Dreamy Amounts of Glass Glitter

…and two genormous tubs of glass glitter. Wow. That much glitter makes me wonder about its street value.

More about the event is also on Crystal Hanehan’s blog.