This was a Halloween for the record books in Montclair, NJ. At least half-a-foot of snow, hundreds of damaged trees, and downed power lines threatened to keep trick-or-treaters at home. Most kids seemed to brave the elements just the same, mine included.

Princess and Super Why

Claire was Ariel; Lachie was Super Why. The thought of making their costumes myself crosses my mind each year, before I go ahead and buy something pre-fab. This year I did make custom accessories, however.

super why super computer

This is my version of a Super Duper Computer from the Super Why cartoon. It’s made from corrugated cardboard, tape, paper, and ink. If you (or any resident three-year-olds) are a fan of the show, you might surmise that once a few Superletters get added to the computer, the answer will be “Trick or Treat.”

Below are some Tiara-in-progress shots. Claire wanted to take the Ariel cameo off her costume for the tiara; instead I suggested we grab another princess off a shoebox we had around the house.

Princess tiara: daming with glitter glue

I cut out Cinderella’s pic, then used glitter glue in silver and blue to “dam” the image, just like the two-step royal icing procedure.

Princess tiara: flooding with glitter glue

Once that dried, I “flooded” the image with glue (again, a royal icing technique), then filled it in with loose glitter and let it dry.

Princess tiara: threading beads on wire

I’ve made quite a few tiaras, so I have a feel for how much wire I’ll need for a style. I pulled off just over a foot, then started stringing beads in patterns that are symmetrical from beginning to end so the final piece is also symmetrical in design.

Princess tiara: bending wire in shape, attaching to headband

Then I bend up the beaded wire into thirds and attach it with more wire to the ribbon-covered headband I made earlier.

Princess tiara: Adding princess cameo and stars

Next I wire the Cinderella cameo in place, along with some wired stars I had around from a tiara that never got finished years back. I also added a big, three-dimensional sequin that looks like a stone.

Princess tiara: hiding wires with more ribbon

Lastly I covered the wire on the headband with a little more ribbon.

Princess tiara: complete!


Three jack o lanterns

And here’s what the pumpkins looked like this year. A big cat head, a smaller vampire, and one covered in holes. (My husband did that one–I like that it looks like a dotted mushroom! ) I used a Dremel to start the cat face, but ended up finishing it with my trusty Martha by Mail pumpkin carving kit.