Attention, S. Claus: Henry and Billy have new stockings this year! Their mom commissioned these seasonal toy and treat vessels, and they shipped out today.

As usual, I made these from wool and wool-blend felt with a healthy dose of beads and sequins, and worked closely to meet the requested design specs.

Custom felt Christmas stockings

Below: Train detail made from felt, beads, and sequins; a fire truck; and three Christmas books.

Train and books detail

Below: A checkerboard;  wee cars and trucks.

felt and beaded vehicles detail

Below: A famous licensed character trades his light saber for something a bit more seasonal.

Yoda detail

Below: Peppermints, gumdrops, pillow candy, and loads of beads.

Felt candy and beading detail

Below: A happy gingerbread man. The shape is traced from a cookie cutter, but this cookie will last longer.

Gingerbread man detail

Just 22 days to go for the inaugural stuffing!