A little birdy from the Crafts Department at Martha Stewart just tipped me off about this sale. (Tip o’ the bone folder to Laura K.!)

The details:

The Divine Craft Sale

Sunday, December 11th
Divine Studios
21 East 4th Street (at Lafayette)

*Okay, so it’s not THE Martha Stewart Holiday Craft Sale at Starrett-Lehigh that I have come to know and love for the past two years, but it’s got most of the same Craft/Design/Collector/Expert luminaries who make the MSLO sale pop.

I’m sure I’m not the only craft nerd and Martha fangirl who gets a thrill out of talking to Real Live Elves from the Martha TV show, and from high, high up on the magazine masthead. And who can forget last year’s pan after pan of Martha Stewart Craft Glitter that guests to the MSLO Craft Fair were invited to indulge in, to decorate their own make-and-take glass ball? There was even one crafter whose name rhymes with “Smeather Donohue” who saved the wee bit of glitter that came off that ball for a subsequent craft project. Hardcore crafter, and thrifty to boot.

So if your December, and possibly your heart, had a tiny hole in it where the Martha Craft Sale should have been, I hope you feel better now. (I do.)