Recently I checked out the indoor winter digs of Brooklyn Flea with my family. It sounds corny, but there truly is something for everyone at this thing. If you don’t love old things, certainly you love new food! By that I mean there are terrific food stalls on the lower level. Also, the Williamsburg Bank is one of the most beautiful buildings in the world. I mean, soak in this:

Brooklyn Flea

Those are seriously fantastic mosaics, and some not-untall ceilings.

Oh, and all the neat stuff back at eye level included seasonal Xmas goodness, including these spun-cotton lovelies:

Spun cotton vintage Christmas at Brooklyn Flea

And the fantastic deadstock, perfectly “curated,” had to be that now-defunct store Alphaville, in Flea form! (And yes, it was!)

Vintage Chriatmas at Brooklyn Flea

And I got to geek out a little with Sandy Lee, the Gingerbread Entrepreneur behind Leckerlee. Her lebkuchen are the real deal, and I am happy to report they are indeed lecker. (That’s tasty, y’all.) On top of that, her branding and packaging are pitch-perfect. With a nod to the beautiful, traditional, collectible tins found in Germany, the graphic design loveliness that permeates her brand respects that history but makes it new.

Leckerlee at Brooklyn Flea

The Flea is a great place to wrap up that Christmas shopping that needs doing!