Each year I select a handful of photos to pull from digital photo purgatory. They’re printed! They’re hardcopy! It’s just like ye olden days when photo finishing was the norm. These photos go into the Christmas photo album/scrapbook I’m making for my kids. I’d like to have a time capsule like this for my own childhood, but since I can’t go back in time, I’m doing the next best thing by making one for them.

Christmas Scrapbook detail

Here’s a peek at the first year’s entry. These pages are filled with photos, catalog¬†clippings, Christmas cards, photo captions, and some doodles I did.


This spread includes family photo cards, gift tags, and scraps of that year’s wrapping paper.

Christmas Scrapbook detail

I always include the family holiday card, holiday stamps, and gift tags from loved ones.

Christmas Scrapbook detail

Now that my kids are old enough, they like to help with design and layout.


Here Claire and Lachie make their first ornaments (glitter glue on pinecones); there’s cute stuff they said (Claire called a gingerbread house a “candy barn”); and Christmas morning photos.


Visiting the Macy’s 8th Floor Auditorium with family during a Minneapolis visit. One of my favorite childhood activities, back when Macy’s was still Dayton’s.


Snow Day! This spread includes ornaments the kids made.