Deadstock holiday cards

I went to an estate sale in a little town in New Jersey yesterday. The home was clearly owned by a hoarder. Now, I don’t condone hoarding, unless it means troves of seasonal ephemera will come to light decades later for me to scoop up and take home. Totally okay then.

Deadstock holiday cards, detail

There were hundreds and hundreds of deadstock holiday cards, many with notes tucked in where they were bought, what they cost (“Gimbels, half price”) and numbers presumably representing how many of each style had gone out that year. The card bottom-right is so sweet. Don’t think I had seen Richard Scarry Christmas cards before yesterday.

Gingham apron

Here’s a never-used gingham embroidered apron. The note I found tucked in the pocket says, “Country Fair, Wyckoff. $4.50. Pink & white check apron.”

Gurley Candle Turkeys, etc.

I found Halloween napkins, Turkey pics, a chicken pick, pom pom bunnies, and seven Gurley turkey candles.

Pom pom bunnies

These guys are a few inches tall, and seem like ancestors to the Pom Pom Bunnies Jennifer Murphy used to make.