I was walking around town with my daughter recently, and we came upon a shop window filled with a very popular plush toy. In typical fashion, she wanted one. A pink one. I suggested we try making one…similar, yet different. So we did.

Claire and her new pink guy

I had a favorite childhood toy bunny with very long arms and legs–those long limbs made it so very special. So I thought I’d incorporate the leggy, limby-ness into the project. I did a rough sketch, got sign-off, then looked in my stash for suitable materials. I kinda wanted to use fleece since it’s so cuddly, but only had some reasonably soft felt available, so went with that.

The youngster responsible for the commission picked out a sparkly pom pom nose and assorted buttons to go on the belly.

I took my sewing machine to the dining room table, where both my kids enjoyed watching the process. Some toys aren’t made in China, kids! They wanted (and tried) to fiddle with the switches and levers on the machine, and enjoyed stuffing the beast with polyfill.

New Pink Guy tries out New Pink Bike

And pink guy tries out the pink bike.