Recently I lead a craft project for 25 preschool pairs of hands to make these craft flowers for Mother’s Day:

Mother's day preschool project

They are made from buttons, fabric petals, pipe cleaner stems, and paper leaves. Originally I wanted to do crepe paper flowers, but in a quick focus group held with the resident three-year-olds, I quickly realized that something sturdier needed to be used for the flower itself. I summoned some pink tweed fabric, and everything else, from my stash and had the flower fixin’s in no time.


The kids were too young to do much of the cutting, so instead I showed them the sample flower so they could get an idea of what they would be making, then lead them through choosing one button, two pipe cleaner stems, four petals, etc. They wrote their names on the leaves, which were threaded onto the stem, and all the parts were twisted and assembled into the finished product.


Proud preschoolers at the craft table with mom.

other's day preschool project--flowers ready to go home

The teachers at the preschool wrapped up each flower to make it more present-like, and here they are in the kids’ mailboxes, ready to surprise mom!

P.S. Here are the instructions, below. The fabric “petals” are about 4 x 1.5 inches.