The school year has wrapped up for my kids, and we wanted to leave the teachers with a heartfelt momento. Cards and flowers, while nice, are no surprise…so I thought we’d start something new with Thank You Flags.

Teacher thank you flags

I cut out the flags, wrote “Thank You <teachername>” on the front, and a message on the back. I asked the kids what we should write to each teacher, and they said, “I love you!” every time.

Next they colored them with markers, then I rolled them into a wavy shape using my fingers for the large end, and a scissor blade for the pointy ends, like I was using curing ribbon. Then I glued the flags to skewers, clamped them with binder clips, and let them dry overnight.

Teacher thank you flag

And here are my kids with one of their teachers and her flag.

Thank you, Miss Vincent!

Thank you, Ms Vincent!