I recently completed a commission for custom monogram pillows.

The first one, for a Ms. T., addresses her love of Pink and Bunnies. To that end, a cotton bunny with dotted swiss ears has been appliquéd to a fleece T-shaped pillow.

Besides the long dollars, one bonus for owning a huge multinational conglomerate, er, I mean a wee crafts business, is that I get feedback from real, live customers. It is my understanding that Ms. T loved her pillow so much that she removed every other pillow from her bed, put her new pillow in the place of honor, then stated, “I love that pillow!”

Fleece monogram bunny pillow

The next pillow, for a Ms. V., involves a cotton giraffe with silver ricrac necklace, which has been appliquéd to a fleece, V-shaped pillow. I heard that Ms. V. curled up and fell asleep on hers in two minutes flat.  I take that to mean she likes it, and finds it comfy.

Fleece monogram giraffe pillow

And lastly, the pillow for Ms. S. addresses her love of Pink and Daisies. Dotted swiss daisies with wool felt capitulua cover this fleece pillow.  I just got a new circle cutting tool, which was great for popping out perfect felt circles for this one.

Fleece monogram daisy pillow