Estate Sale Finds

I found some treasures not too far from my home at a recent estate sale.

Anagrams game

I bought this Anagrams game for the crafting possibilities, but might use it as the game, actually!

Gift tags that have been used only as tree decor

I found a box of gift tags that have been used only as tree decor.

Christmas amalgam

Further vintage Christmas treasures included a mint-condition corsage (bottom right),  chenille wreaths and candy canes from Japan (top right), brightly-colored jingle bells, and mini pink glass ornaments (top center), as well as…

Vintage Christmas bulbs

Vintage Christmas bulbs.

The santa is plastic; the other two, glass.

Dangerously awesome bulbs

There were also some dangerously awesome bulbs. They don’t work, which is a relief, so I won’t be tempted to light them. The cord is fabric-wrapped like the cord of the vintage toaster in my childhood home.