Halloween outdoor lights

I put up Halloween lights for the first time ever this year. Why? A few reasons.

  • I have young kids who dig Halloween
  • I, too, dig Halloween, and decorating for holidays
  • I live on a street that sees very few trick-or-treaters.

So I figure, if I put some effort into lights and such, it might appear “worth it” for youngsters to walk up our driveway to ring the doorbell. Sometimes I even put candy and toys in the little Halloween bags! Gee, it would be nice to have some kids to give them to. I feel like the Kringle family before Kris came along and started hauling toys over the mountain to the kids of Sombertown.

Halloween outdoor lights detail

There are three strings of lights–two jack-o-lantern strings and one orange-light string with black cheesecloth. I added the Beistle scarecrow jack for a visual anchor.

Halloween outdoor lights, b & w

So spooky in black and white

And I added a big black cat, also Beistle. The whole thing is on a timer so it goes on at dusk and shuts off in the wee hours.