Halloween mantle decor

The mantle this Halloween included a couple of new things, including an estate-sale find felt ghost hand puppet, and a flickering lantern with spooky silhouette I picked up at Tar-jay Boutique. I like the ghost because it’s charming and it came from a crafter’s home (my favorite kind of estate sale). The seasonal lamp added some light to the decor, and doubled as a night light for my kids after Sandy blew through our neck of New Jersey and left us without power for over a week.

Papier Mache Cat and other Halloween Decor

Also new this year are the cat and jack o lantern, made from papier mache, and a felt haunted house.

Haunted House

I found this at a dollar store and it reminded me of a favorite childhood craft project where I made a haunted house and put creatures in all the windows. I created the ghosts out of craft foam, and the other guys are Martha Stewart stickers from a few years back.

Papier Mache Cat

I made this papier mache cat out of two balloons covered in black crepe paper. It’s about a foot and a half tall.

Papier Mache pumpkin

I also made a pumpkin that would become a jack o lantern once dried.

Papier Mache Jack o Lantern

Papier Mache Cat in progress

Here’s the cat in progress. Cardboard pieces were covered in black crepe paper and added later to form the legs and eyes.

Papier Mache Cat tail in progress

I made the tail by wrapping fringed crepe paper around an s-shaped hanger.

Bye, Halloween…See you next year!