It’s a little jarring when regular people are starting to put up Christmas decorations, but a collector who thinks about Christmas year-round is blogging about Thanksgiving decorations the day after Black Friday. I did take a break from making (seasonally-appropriate) Christmas stockings to share a little of how things looked around here this year.

Turkey line-up

Here’s the china cabinet Turkey Lineup. It includes my pinecone turkeys, a Gurley candle, a little plastic guy, some that may be made of plaster, and a spun cotton turkey from Vintage by Crystal.

Thanksgiving mantle decoration

The mantle was a mix of natural pumpkins and hand-sewn ones that were pardoned from storage for a couple more weeks since they work great for Halloween and Thanksgiving. The paper painted turkeys were made by my kids a couple years ago and add the “family Thanksgiving” vibe.

Thanksgiving mantle decoration detail

I got a great deal  on a couple of these green wagons at Michael’s. They could be used for Easter too…just swap in fluffy creatures, pretty eggs, etc. In the foreground is a garland I made by stringing horse chestnuts and glass beads on wire. (It’s quite heavy, so I don’t dare string it up.)

Gurley turkey candles

I scored eight or so of these Gurley turkey candles at an estate sale, including two of the larger ones. They are in great condition, strike the perfect vintage note, and today I saw one in a local store for (gulp) $18, which is waaaay more than I paid for the whole lot.

With this update now behind me, back to my regularly-scheduled Christmas-ing!