Step into my holiday time machine…

Altoids box picture frame

A crafty blast-from-the-past, I made this picture frame when I was a poor college student as a Christmas present for my little sister.  I started with a clean Altoids tin, and pasted in a photo and the drawings to fill in the rest of the space. The holly on the left has been a favorite doodle for longer than I can remember; the photo of me, age 17, is surrounded by holiday iconography doodles and a stripy border.

Altoids box picture frame, outside


I covered the top of the box to look like a package (and doesn’t the wrapping paper scream “80’s!”)?


Altoids box picture frame background


Although this is still in my sister’s possession, somehow my mom snuck this note on the bottom for posterity. This will be helpful to future civilizations who might unearth this, no doubt.