Not a lot of crafting proper went on at out house this Christmas, but I can’t complain because my four-year-old kids are in their Prime Christmas Magic years, so we let them inspire our activities.

This year I found some white LED lights with a decent glow, so decided it was time to replace the old lot. An added bonus, besides all that energy-savin’, is that I can slather my tree in lights and not worry about blowing a fuse nor circuit in my olde-tyme homestead.

Lighting the tree

We got around to making TWO types of cookies this year.
Here’s one tray of the Gingerbread cookies, decorated in mini M&Ms and red hots.

Gingerbread cookies

I made our traditional family spritz wreath cookies for a party at school. When asked to bring two dozen cookies to a function, I like to play it safe and make five times as many.

Spritz wreath cookies

Spritz wreath cookies detail

The holiday windows at Macy’s were good this year. Here’s one of my faves.
Macy's holiday window 2012

And another. Hey, people…you’re in my shot!

Macy's holiday window 2012

(Thank you.)
Macy's holiday window 2012

The windows at ABC Home included this:
ABC Home holiday window

And this:
ABC Home holiday window

In the store, they seemed to not care if you took pictures. This is a sharp departure from the attitude on the matter in previous years. (I hate getting disciplined while Christmas shopping.) Anyway, here are some sweet vintage ornaments. The pricetags made me throw up in my mouth a little.

ABC Home vintage ornaments

Back at home, I had a little mother-daughter outing to buy Christmas lights. I chose those LED lights for the tree, and daughter chose some lighted candy canes and colored lights for the back yard.

Snowy Christmas lights

Playing in the new snow

The front yard still has the tasteful clear lights, so it’s “business in front, party in the back.”


Happy 2013!