My daughter and I decided to tweak her school shirt, now that the school year is done and we can get away with it. It seems she and her classmates can’t wait to get out of these shirts when they’re required to wear them for field trips and such, but now that it’s girlier, she wears it gladly.

I showed her a picture of a t-shirt that had that “pillowcase dress” treatment at the top. Years ago I thought I would make her a bunch of sundresses when she was wee, but that never happened. This is as close as she’s gonna get to a pillowcase dress.

She cut the sleeves and bottom of the shirt off. I’m very proud that she realizes we use the fabric-only scissors for this. I made a 1-inch fold around the top of the shirt, then she helped pin it in place. I sewed this in place, creating a channel. The strip from the bottom became the ribbon that was fed through the channel around the top of the shirt.

Doctored preschool shirt