My kids started Kindergarten last week, and since there’s an interesting craft to mark the occasion, I took advantage of it. I made two of these Schultüte, which is a tradition in Germany for kids on the first day of school. Normally these large paper cones are filled with school supplies, toys, and treats, but I figured it would be bad form to send the kids to school hopped up on chocolate, so instead of a treat they got a treat raincheck.



The cones were made from poster board, covered in crepe paper, then embellished with ribbon, paper, and stickers.

Schultüte detail

The girly one even has an old-school card on it that says “Best Wishes for the First Day of School.”

With so much anticipation leading up to the first day of school, it seemed appropriate to craft something that is sort of the Christmas stocking of back-to-school.