I’ve been crafting more Christmas ornaments than ever this season, with most of them going to {verdigreen} home.
Here they go now:

Vintage Matchbox ornament convoy

Above is a convoy of vintage Matchbox vehicles bringing home a tree or two.

Vintage Matchbox car with tree ornament

Sportscar detail

Vintage Matchbox trailer with reindeer and tree ornament

Camper with reindeer sporting tinsel-y scarves, wee wreathes, and a big Christmas tree. (Don’t think about this arrangement too hard–it doesn’t really make sense, but it looks fun.)

Vintage Matchbox car with trees ornament

Oh, you fancy. This Silver Shadow has two trees–one for the living room and one for the balcony.

Velvet acorn ornaments with vintage glitter and ribbons

Velvet acorn ornaments with vintage multicolored glitter and ribbons. The glitter is a mix of different shapes, sizes, and colors–so special!

Snowy Mushroom Ornaments

And mushroom ornaments with some snowy “glitter” on the caps and bases.

Other styles of ornaments are in the works. I’m feeling the Christmas Crush already (but I wouldn’t have it any other way.)