November and December was the busiest Christmastime ever for Heather Donohue Crafts. First I made an elfload of ornaments  and fleece creatures for the inspired {verdigreen} home shop here in Montclair, NJ; next, the custom Christmas stocking orders started.

One commission was stockings for everyone in the immediate family who didn’t already have a vintage Christmas stocking. Each one was customized  with great attention to detail, from wool and wool-blend felt, and included plenty of beadwork and sequins, when called for.

(Note that stockings face either right or left as ordered–here it looks like the off-white stocking is doing its own thing, but once in the context of the other family stockings that also point left, it fits right in.)

Vintage-style custom stockings

For her son Andrew, the classic train:

Vintage-style custom train stocking

For her husband Patrick, a U.S. Marine, his likeness in felt, surrounded by his hobbies. There’s a snowboard, bike, golf club, tee, and ball; football, and because he hunts, a gun. Bonus: It makes the other stockings feel safe.

Vintage-style custom stocking

For her sister Amy, who loves flowers:

Vintage-style custom flowers stocking

For her son David, an assortment of vehicles, including a likeness to the vintage red tractor from the family farm, driven by Santa.

Her mom, a book-lover and grandma,  is pictured reading to one of her grandkids, snuggled under a blanket, near the tree and bookshelf.

Vintage-style custom stockings

Another stocking was for a little boy and included his favorite toys (spaceship and robot) as well as many classic Christmas themes, including a heavily-decorated tree, snowy scene outside, and a train.

Vintage-style custom stocking detail

Vintage-style custom stocking, train detail

Stocking detail. I use a mix of vintage and new sequins and beads.

I also rocked out on the stockings’ personalization–here are two examples of the child’s name in the mother’s handwriting.

Christmas stocking lettering in Cameron's mom's writing.

Vintage-style custom stocking, train and name detail

Happy 2014 to you!