plush sea creatures

These plush sea creatures were a commission for an under-the-sea themed birthday. I’ve never made pesco plush before, but was excited to try something new. These are about 9″ long or less, which is a smaller scale for me–usually my beasts are three times the size.

plush fish

Behold the red fishy and all of his fins. First and second dorsal fins! And all the other good fins!

I make perfectly round wool felt eyes using leather punch tools.

plush shrimp

There is a sweet little guy who asked his momma for a plush shrimp. (She asked me to make it green. Maybe it’s wasabi?)

I would have rocked the creepy legs and antennae, but by request aimed for kawaii rather than ewwwww.

plush star fish

Here is a starfish with toddler-safe embroidered eyes.

plush star fish, back

The underside is pink!

Instead of my much bigger Heather Donohue labels, I opted for the HD version for these guys.

plush sea snake

And here is an orange sea snake. I like how he looks like he has something to say.